Mac’s Repairs

Mac’s Repairs

Apple Mac Repairs, Upgrades and Services

We can fix all Apple Mac problem without reinstalling Apple Mac or loosing any of your music, documents, photos, etc

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What we do

Apple Mac Repairs

  • Mac Speed-up & Virus Removal
  • Mac Data Recovery & Backup
  • Mac Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Mac Memory Upgrade
  • Mac Screen Repair
  • Mac Data Transfer
  • Mac OS Reinstallation
  • New Mac Setup

Apple Mac Repair

Apple Mac Corrupt or Missing Apple files from your system files can stops Apple mac pro and other Mac software preventing your OS not to load.


We can fix this problem without reinstalling Apple OS or loosing any of your music, documents, photos, etc.

Computer and Laptop Hardware

PC or Laptop part Replacement or Upgrade


We can repair Motherboard problems like… Liquid Spills, Faulty Components, Charging issue, short circuits We can replace or upgrade Motherboard

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is very important part of the computers where OS and data sits.
We can help you with…
Data Recovery,
HD Replacement,
SSD Upgrade
Transfer HD Image to SSD


RAM (random access memory) very important and very rare need a repair but mostly required to upgrade to make system fast and quick responsive.
we can do RAM upgrade


We can help you to install and configure any software application as per your request. Such as Photoshop, Amphetamine, HyperDock, Logic Pro X etc.

Virus Removal

Believe it or not, Macs do get viruses/malware. If you suspect you’re infected with a Computer Virus’s or malware can cause havoc within your network, ensuring the correct protection and software will offer a greater level of security.

  • Mac-compatible printer not working?
  • Your Mac is slow or not booting?
  • You need an OS or RAM upgrade?
  • You need a particular Mac program supplying and/or installing (eg. Office, Photoshop)?
  • Viruses/Malware scan and removal
  • You need data recovery?
  • Clear unnecessary data and junk files
  • Installation of the latest anti-virus software, fully updated
  • System optimization
  • Optional, from backup or recovery
  • Install security software (Firewalls, Anit-virus and Spy-ware)
  • Back-up

Laptop Screen

Laptop screen gets cracked when the laptop is dropped or pressure/shock is applied to the laptop.
Macbook uses a high quality screens and we have experienced engineers to replace macbook screen.

Custom Built PC

Design you own custom built PC as per your requirement and we can guide you through whole process.

We try to maximise your budget by enhancing the area that you want the money to be spent on, i.e. Graphics, Memory and Processor for gaming or video editing, Sound Interfaces and fast storage. We can also evaluate your existing system and use the parts (after testing) to build the new one to reduce the overall cost.


Miscellaneous parts of Desktop and Laptop need a cleaning, replacement or upgrade like…
In Desktop : Power Supply, CPU Fan, DVD Drive, Network Card, Graphic Card etc
In Laptop : Battery, Keyboard, Trackpad, DVD Drive etc.,


We offer wired and wireless network solutions, that offer a consistent user experience and allowing you to take control of your networks, improve your infrastructure, increase performance and lower your costs.