Consoles Repairs

Consoles Repairs

Games Console Repairs

We can fix all Apple Mac problem without reinstalling Apple Mac or loosing any of your music, documents, photos, etc

Booking a repair job

Create an account to book a repair, we offer a 24 Hour computer repair service and we can provide you with an online estimate so you can send it to us for a repair today.
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What we do

Common Console Problems

  • Drive not reading video games.
  • HDMI port stop working entirely
  • Fan upgrades to prevent overheating
  • Light of death such as RROD and YLOD
  • XBox One elite controller drifting
  • Shutdowns and audio problems
  • Console freezing and turning off
  • Bluetooth accessories not connecting

Fixtech Repair Solution

Fixtech solution we can fix any of your game consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation or Nintendo. Our online services also include console accessories, such as wireless controllers like the Elite Controller made by Microsoft, we can fix them all.