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Each repair is given a service ticket so you can track your repair throughout the repair.

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Fixtechsolution New Changes

We are currently processing most of repairs and consultation online.

Most bookings are now been carried out via our website, as a result of the stringent measures in place, in view of the pandemic.

We are currently doing pre-booking via the website or by telephones.

A click and collect system has now been introduced in order to stem the usual customer flow within the Shop.
Therefore, the entrance to the Shop has been restricted.
Our postal service is also in place for those who are unable to drop off. All devices will be tracked to our door and you will be updated progressively via your account that was created during the time of your pre booking .

You’re product will be diagnosed, and a estimate will be finalised at the earliest possible time.

The average estimate normally takes 2-5 working days, depending on the degree of research required , especially if the repair will be needing specified parts replacement.

We are always here in Keeping you well supported with Fixtechsolution Repairs services .